Contract Climbing Service

Need Additional Help With a Tough Job?

Need Additional Help With a Tough Job?

Take advantage of our contract climbing service in Fairfax, VT

As a fellow tree removal company, we understand that not all jobs are the same. Some can be particularly dangerous or require a special skill set. That's why we offer a contract climbing service in the Fairfax, Vermont area. We can help you with any tree climbing job, whether you're looking for an experienced specialist or simply need extra help.

Don't cancel a job because you don't have the right personnel. Call us at 802-393-3834 for the help you need to get it done.

We'll handle the most complicated jobs

A contract climber does more than ordinary tree removals. The owner of Fellers Tree Removal, LLC has been in the tree service industry for over 20 years. Our crew has the experience and skill needed to handle tough jobs where your equipment might not work. We'll climb your tree and bring it to the ground in no time. We're fully insured, so you know you're protected when you hire us.

Contact Fellers Tree Removal today for additional details about our contract climbing service in Fairfax, VT. We'll be glad to provide you with references.