Tree Removal

Don't Cut Down Trees by Yourself

Don't Cut Down Trees by Yourself

Get tree removal service from experts in Plattsburgh, NY & Fairfax, VT

Sometimes the Plattsburgh, NY & Fairfax, VT weather decides to knock down your trees. Sometimes you just decide it's time for a tree to go. It doesn't matter why you need tree removal service-just know you can trust Fellers Tree Removal, LLC to handle the task.

We have professional tools and technicians who can safely trim or remove your tree. Our team can inspect your tree, decide the best course of action and perform the work.

Whether you want to clear space for something new or just want extra light in your yard, rely on us for tree removal service. Talk to us today to set up a consultation.

Understanding tree removal cost

At Fellers Tree Removal, we do everything we can to provide tree removal service that fits your needs and budget. Every removal is different, and so tree removal cost will vary by project. Some factors include:

  • Size and number of the trees
  • Hazard and urgency of removal
  • Travel distance from West Chazy, NY
  • Amount of trimming required

Get rid of your old, dying tree soon with the help of Fellers Tree Removal. Call us now to discuss the tree removal cost for your project.